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Pet and Animal Portraits

Horses, dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, fish - I love painting them all!

One of the first paintings I ever did, before I started on the larger wildlife art, was the painting of our little dog Tui.


I still like this painting and can never sell it. The painting is hanging in proud position in our hall, where traditionally the master of the house would be placed. Mind you with close pets, you can sometimes wonder who the 'master' really is?

Since I painted Tui, I have been commissioned to paint a number of other favourite pets,  Ed the horse is a good example, this painting is medium sized at 50 cm x 60 cm. 

Ed - much loved horse.

Painted for Cally Webster. 

size 50 cm x 60 cm, Oil on board

'Thank you for the lovely painting, I can't get over how good the painting is, he is so real! I feel as if he is in the room with me - thank you xxx' 

Charlie - oil on board

Real Charlie at home in New Zealand siting with his painting.

Lily and Roo,

Part of a much larger painting. Roo is a little Italian Greyhound, and in this painting she needed to look a bit worried.

If you would like me to quote on a painting of your pet, please let me know.

Standard Prices: for oil on board, unframed, from GOOD reference, that can be emailed. 

30 cm x 30 cm  = £500

50 cm x 60 cm  = £900

60 cm x 90 cm  = £1200

Prices will change depending on the reference and if I need to travel to be on site to photograph your animal. I am happy to take my own photos, and usually find this is the best way for me to get the reference I need, but let's be realistic, if your too far away then the cost of me doing this is often too much.

​Incorporating the ashes of loved pets, in a work of art.

I have also had some requests to incorporate the ashes of loved pets, into the oil of the painting. Now I know this sounds strange, but it works well, and it is a way to keep your pets ashes with the image of your pet in a painting.  


There is a extra charge for this, as great care and attention is taken when producing a work of art like this, with many stages where I need to check that you are happy with the results before I proceed to the next stage.

Please email for more information or advise on animal and pet portraits

Tui - Jack Russel

Oil on board

Toby - oil on board.

'Your lovely painting of Toby is now framed and hanging on my bedroom wall. My daughters were delighted with the prints.'

Kelsey was painted after he had sadly passed away.

With limited photos of the little dog in the right location, there was a bit of Photoshop created to get him into the right position, in his favourite location in the house.

I also painted and famed two other paintings for this lovely family, I wish I could find my photos of these other paintings.


A enjoyable commission.

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