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Award winning portrait artist
Painting Commissions Welcome
All painting oil on board, framed or unframed.

The Recovery - oil 61 cm x 74 cm


One thing that lasts forever is a portrait painting in oils. 

Consider having a portrait created of either yourself or a cherished individual in your life. 


"This was a great way to share a moment in my life with others and to keep it alive for generations to come."

The artist will be happy to talk to you about your portrait and help you to get the best reference or arrange to take this for you.

Below are some recent examples. 

The Recovery won 2 nd prize in 2021, International Artist magazine and has been received to the finals for The Royal Society of Portrait Artists and Royal Institute of Oil Painters 2021 and The Royal Academy.

MY INSPIRATION  | The Recovery


My process is the very simple, I usually need to start with a very good photo and will take my own. I also like a bit of reference for the painting especially if there is detail missing from the photo. I then draw this on to a grey painted board. I then paint directly on to this in oils. I often paint inch by inch, or one section then blend the oil in and move to the next. As I work during the day for a great creative agency, at night I do commission and my paintings which is fine as I paint under lights, I perfer to use lights as it keep the colours consistently as day light is always changing.

My daughter took a gap year before University and then COVID hit us all, she got a job as a Carer in a local Old People home during the first wave. She then contracted the virus and had high temperatures. Her little dog would not leave her side and every time we took her out, she managed to sneak back in. I was so happy with the fever broke and I could see she was on the way to recovery – this inspired me to paint this, the joy of her being well, the happiness as the fear was passing, has inspired me to paint more work in this line. I love to paint the shadows on the white sheets, all the warm blues.




I usually start with a idea and draw that out in pencil, I also add blocks of colour to this. I try to think of how this will make the person look good as well as the feeling the viewer will have of the final painting. For The Recovery, I wanted to have the happy feeling but also to have the look from the dog guarding over her. I wanted the dog’s eyes to follow you around the room and to look like she might growl if you came near her patient. I like to have a animal in my paintings and dogs are always nice to show the loyalty or fear. I enjoy painting all subjects and like to mix them up.

Johnny - oil 51 cm x 61 cm

Well known UK KPOP artist -

Johnny came to my studio for a photo shoot in Wiltshire.

You can see how the painting was received in the video on the home page :-)

The Hangover 


The large oil painting of Alexander and Pipi was well received at the Royal Academy in London.

Inspired by the fear of waking to hear a load sound in the night. 

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